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A warm welcome.....

I am delighted to introduce myself and my therapeutic services to you.

As an extensively experienced Counsellor, Speaker & Writer, I provided Counselling services in the UK for seven years before moving to Beijing and Bangkok whereby I have continued assisting women and children in their times of distress and challenges. 

Specialising and integrating methods, such as Person Centred and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, I am an attentive practitioner with profound compassion and immediacy to your requirements. 

Having vast experience of working with clients with an age range of 4-60, and specialising in cross-cultural counselling, I am open-minded and sensitive to the diverse issues which people experience.

My positive client outcomes are demonstrative of my professional integrity and passionate approach as a Humanistic Counsellor. 

Love & Strength,


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LJ Jones, the Retreat host, Speaker & Writer


I also revel in holding ad hoc workshops and women's groups whereby women from all over the world are welcome to come together to discuss and develop on a range of topics listed on our 'what I help with' tab. These groups became important to me after publicly speaking to groups of mothers about topics related to conscious parenting and how to support our young people through the developmental stages of life. After witnessing how much support is required for busy mother's who are expected to get everything perfect, and how much they benefited from offloading to other like-minded mamma's, I felt it was crucial to bring us together under the Design Your Destiny outlook. Happy, content parents = happy, content children. 

Thai Retreats

Since living in Bangkok, the lightbulb moment arrived that I could facilitate all of the above, combined with therapeutic sessions and a huge splash of fun and adventure by hosting 'Women's Healing & Empowerment Retreats'. Our retreats are proving to be an extremely popular option for ambitious-minded women who wish to come together in luxurious surroundings to delve deeper into their childhood experiences and feminine energy, to inspire and be inspired and to set goals within our Design Your Destiny members group. Our full retreat schedules can be accessed and booked via our 'bookings' tab. 

These retreats are utterly life-changing. 


I am a passionate writer and self-help advocate, thus my memoir sprinkled with lots of self-help strategies will be launched in 2022. I am super excited about this as I believe it is a way of stretching my counselling support and workshop strategies further afield to all the amazing women out there who will benefit from my gripping story of healing & rising.

I can also be booked or seen in various articles and online blogs where I share mental health strategies and insights as a global healer. 

I am adamant that women are precious beings who must not be 'put in a box' by anyone else or by their own self-imposed limitations, therefore I hope to reach countless women in the hope of enriching and empowering them to be who and whatever they wish to be regardless of past or current trauma, age, culture, social status, relationship dynamics and any other limiting factors. My career as a counsellor, speaker, writer and retreat host all tend to this passion. 

I hope that by sharing what Design Your destiny has come to be as an entirety, you will now have a flavour of what you can personally gain from being one of our fabulous members, whether that be 1:1 counselling sessions, a special member on one of our sensational Thai retreats, or to be simply added to our mailing list to receive free mental health tools and to be notified when you can relax to a self-help memoir that will touch your heart and life.

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 Would you like me to be a guest speaker or writer for your company?

I am always eager when approached to use my platform to guest speak or write which allows me to raise mental health awareness........ Let's connect.